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I sorta want to start a new town in New Leaf but I have a feeling I’m going to regret that even though I really have no attachment to my current town.


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If I ever complain that I feel like I’m dying again, someone please remind me that chamomile tea heals all wounds.

I will repay you in my eternal gratitude. 

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I walked two and a half miles at a sorta fast-ish pace and my whole body is throbbing.

This is not the body of a 20-year-old.


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Body, please stop hating me and making me think I’m having a heart attack.

I’m sorry I’ve been eating so many sugary and acidic foods.

I’ll stop. I promise.

I just wanna be friends.

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things like netflix and video games and tumblr are so much better when they serve as distractions from responsibility rather than necessary tools for making it through eventless summer days

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The game of “Is That Matt Damon or Creepy Todd?” gets much harder when the actor in question is dressed as Edgar Allan Poe.

The game of “Is That Matt Damon or Creepy Todd?” gets much harder when the actor in question is dressed as Edgar Allan Poe.

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I bit the inside of my lip like two days ago so now that area is swollen and more susceptible to further biting so long story short the inside of my mouth is going to be one huge wound soon.

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I always think I want to find a job that doesn’t involve teaching and working with kids, but then somehow I get dragged further into teaching and working with kids.

I don’t know. Maybe that’s a thing. Like, a thing for me. 

Like, maybe I’m supposed to be doing this.

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Princess Bubblegum by Stanley Lau
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I think I heard someone on TV say “super delicious” but I initially heard it as “tuberculicious.”

That doesn’t make any sense.

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At school, the cue to do my laundry is when I run out of underwear.

At home, the cue is when I run out of sweatpants.

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I think it’s funny that online quizzes are suddenly popular again. I used to sit on Quizilla for hours when I was, like, twelve.

I remember taking a lot of “what kind of guy will you attract?” and “who’s your future boyfriend?” quizzes because I just hit puberty and wanted to know what I had to look forward to. Without fail, I always got “the nerd.” And without fail, “the nerd” was always presented as the dud.

Well, you were right, Quizilla. My boyfriend spends a good portion of his free time playing League of Legends and he really likes clocks and he is, without question, a nerd.

But he’s also hella cute so hahaha screw you, Quizilla.

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I ate donuts for breakfast then made two failed batches of what were supposed to be whoopie pie-ish things so the only substance in my body is sugar and I wanna vomit.

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