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sometimes I think life sucks and then I remember how long sargento shredded cheese lasts without expiring

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horror story:

i can’t remember the last time i opened netflix

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to the kid picking his nose and chewing rapidly with his mouth open in the corner of the cafe:


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"Mullet With Butterfly Wings" by Neil Cicierega


C’mon baby, let’s go

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This class on global warming is supposed to be the easiest one at this school but I don’t care about it and science??? so it’s probably actually not going so well for me. 

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Maybe this summer I’ll offer free photo retouches so I can practice. I’m not as terrible at retouching as I thought, and it’s definitely a good skill to know.


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I got sick of working with the forehead, so I improvised.

Photo retouching is hard.

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I like how I find out about parties in my own apartment by being invited to them on Facebook.

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Happy Easter xo


Happy Easter xo

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"Out Of The Black" by Royal Blood
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mysteriously find myself in the center of an snl ending credit hug fest

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My parents got this new, fancy-pants high def television and we’re watching The Ten Commandments and wOw I feel like I can just reach out and lick Yul Brynner’s well-built chest.

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Like, Ursula is everything I want to be when I grow up and more.

I mean, maybe I want to be a little less evil?


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The Little Mermaid is on.

I picked a good weekend to be at home with access to cable television.

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